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This is the   Hot Shot Training Puck, for hockey coaches, and players. It is perfect for improving wrist shots, backhand shots, and forehand and backhand passing. It is much heavier than a regular puck (2 lbs.) It is resistance training and skills training all at the same time. As a youth hockey coach for the past nine years, I have had good results with it. It works on the same principle as a baseball player swinging three bats in the on-deck circle then stepping up to the plate with only one bat. The weight of the three bats together makes the single bat feel so much lighter. The Hot Shot requires a player to use much more exertion than a regular puck. The muscles “remember” the effort required to move the Hot Shot, then, the same effort is used on a regular puck. “Muscle Memory”, it really works. You and your players will notice the difference the first time out. The cost is $12.99 and includes shippling and handling

For further information, please call (906)337-7360 or email us at Hot Shot Products.   
Hot Shot Products
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